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Alan Wake 2: Chapter Songs

October 27, 2023

Remedy Entertainment and Finland’s biggest music phenomenon, Fried Music, have joined creative forces to produce the Alan Wake 2: Chapter Songs, a compilation of seven unique tracks specially crafted for Alan Wake 2.

The Alan Wake 2: Chapter Songs is a one-of-a-kind, artistic collaboration between Remedy Entertainment’s creative team and Fried Music. All seven tracks in this collection have been created from the ground up by Finland’s leading music producer, Jukka Immonen, alongside Finland’s finest musicians and composers. Every song and lyric is brand-new and specially crafted to fit within the world of Alan Wake 2 in collaboration with the game’s Creative Director, Sam Lake. From setting the mood to being filled with lore and mystery, the songs from this collection play a significant role in Alan Wake 2’s storytelling and plot.

Listen and watch “Follow You into the Dark (featuring RAKEL)”, the first released single specially made for Alan Wake 2

“Alan Wake 2 is an ambitious work of art where different mediums merge together to form a unique experience. We have specifically focused on music and worked to create many custom songs to enhance the story,” said Sam Lake, Creative Director at Remedy Entertainment. “We are extremely excited to collaborate with Fried Music, and we are very proud of the fact that Finnish musicians are playing such an integral role in an internationally released game. It is a privilege to have such talented and amazing artists bring a taste of Finnish culture to the world.”

The Alan Wake 2: Chapter Songs features several of Finland’s most popular artists, composers, and producers from Fried Music. Artists SANNI, costee, Teemu Brunila, ROOS+BERG, Paleface, Jurek, and RZY appear alongside international talents RAKEL, Jean Castel, and Mougleta.

Watch the Alan Wake 2: Chapter Songs — Making Of video here

Alan Wake 2: Chapter Songs are now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other selected streaming platforms.

Complete Track List for Alan Wake 2: Chapter Songs

Follow You into the Dark featuring RAKEL

Writers: Teemu Javanainen, Jussi Tiainen, Sindri Már Sigfússon, Sam Lake

Producers: Heviteemu, Sindri Már Sigfússon

Wide Awake featuring Jaimes

Writers: Yasmeen Semaan, Teemu Brunila, Antti Riihimäki, Sam Lake

Producer: RZY

Superhero featuring Mougleta

Writers: Jurek Reunamäki, LenoxBeatmaker, Yasmeen Semaan, Sanni Kurkisuo, Sam Lake

Producers: Jurek, LenoxBeatmaker

Lost at Sea featuring Jean Castel

Writers: Jean Castel, Jurek Reunamäki, Jussi Tiainen, Pierre-Antoine Melki, Sam Lake

Producers: Jurek, Nius

Dark, Twisted and Cruel featuring Paleface

Writers: Jean Castel, Jurek Reunamäki, Jussi Tiainen, Pierre-Antoine Melki, Sam Lake

Producers: Jurek, Nius

No One Left to Love featuring ROOS + BERG

Writers: Christel Roosberg, Jori Roosberg, Joalin Loukamaa, Sam Lake

Producers: ROOS+BERG

Night Springs featuring Keira

Writers: Yasmeen Semaan, LenoxBeatmaker, Jurek Reunamäki, Sanni Kurkisuo, Sam Lake

Producer: Jurek


Fried Music is a Helsinki-based recording studio, management, and publishing company. Building on quality and a long-standing tradition, our aim is to create opportunities for our Finnish producers and songwriters. Fried Music was founded in 2002. Fried Music runs the record label Capitol Records Finland, whose artists include Anna Puu, Alex Mattson, and Knipi.